XERACX Stalkers Grand Opening!!!!!

XERACX Stalkers Grand Opening!!!!!

It is finally here, the grand opening of the official Ismael Rac Fan Forum! The XERACX Stalkers! There are a ton of incentives to joining the group. Exclusive freebie tubes, special promotions and contests and even chances to become a XERACX Pin Up yourself!
You can go ahead and join, the official opening is in the AM.

Chat with Ismael tomorrow in the Stalkers Den at 7pm EST/4pm PDT (12am UK).

Ismael is there all the time, and it is the best place to hang with fellow Rac lovers and tag.. Period! Come and join, be a Stalker too!

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  1. I can't get into the Ismael Stalker forum :( It says it's unavailable :(


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