AMI CT (Creative Team) MEMBERS NEEDED!!!!:

AMI CT (Creative Team) MEMBERS NEEDED!!!!:
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AMI is looking for "CT" (Creative Team) Members! We are going to have a blog set up just for your creations and news. This is coming very very soon! To qualify please submit the following information:

An email to containing the following:

  • Links to three of your tutorials using scrap kits and/or elements. (Using AMI art preferred).
  • Link to your main tutorial site home page (you must have your tutorials posted on a tutorial site, blog, or forum)
  • Your AMI License number, full name and email you use to obtain your licenses
  • You will need to be able to complete at least 3 tutorials a month using the kits & elements you are provided.
  • List any special skills, comments or other thoughts pertaining to this CT Member Entry
If you are chosen to be an AMI CT Member, you will get the following benefits:
1. You will receive free scrap kits and element packs. These will be chosen by AMI Staff and sent to you.
2. You will receive a once monthly AMI Gift Certificate to spend on any AMI items you choose.
3. You will have lots of promotion for you site by AMI and our many online venues as well!
4. Each tutorial you submit using your provided kits or elements will be posted on our new CT Member Blog.

Of course, if you are a scrap kit or element maker with AMI you can submit tags as a CT Member.

Only NEW tutorials will be added/counted, if you have older tutorials prior to your becoming an AMI CT Member, they will not count towards your 3 tutorials a month quota. If you don't meet the quota, you will not receive a gift certificate for that month.

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