Tony Mauro Tag Contest Winners!

Mr. Mauro looked over all the fantastic tag entries, and though it was a hard choice.. the winners have been chosen!

Congrats to all the winners and also a cheer for all the other tags entered as they were all truly great work! You can check out the winning tags via the slide show at the bottom of the blog page.

And the winners are........

1st Place: Helen!
She wins 1 Free AMI Tube Package of Choice, 1 free AMI Mini Custom Package of choice ANDDD a 2009 signed Tony Mauro Calendar!!!

2nd Place: Yvonne!
She wins 1 Free AMI Tube Package of choice & 1 free scrap kit of choice!

3rd Place: Sam!
She wins 1 free AMI Mini Custom Package of choice!
The winners have been emailed and we await your prize choices!

Amanda Fontaine UNLIMITED License!

Amanda Fontaine UNLIMITED License!
Jump at this chance to obtain an UNLIMITED Amanda Fontaine License! As of today, Amanda has over 424 tubes released!

First, lets go over the cost's, then I will tell you all the Pro's to this opportunity!
A regular Unlimited license: $125.00
If you own 1 - 5 AMI Fontaine packages: $105.00
If you own 6 - 10 AMI Fontaine packages: $85.00
If you own 11 or more AMI Fontaine packages: $65.00
Scrap kits, single tube orders, mixed-artist customs, mini-custom packages and elements do not count above as packages owned. Licenses/Packages sold previous to Amanda Fontaine joining AMI do not count as well.

Now, the Pro's to owning an Amanda Fontaine Unlimited License:
1. If you purchase an Unlimited Fontaine License you will receive access to all of her previously released package PLUS access to all of her future releases!
2. Understanding the state of the economy, we are incorperating discounts for those that already have some packages. To save you money, and not pay for something you already have!
3. There will be no waiting period either! You can download as soon as they are released!
4. No matter what "type" of art is contained in a package, you will gain immediate access!
5. To make this deal even better, you will receive exclusive goodies like IM Stationary, Scrap Kits, Tubes and More!
6. For making things easier for you the Unlimited License Holder, we will automatically send you Amanda's latest releases the day they are released!
7. No extra forums or groups you have to remember to check in on!
8. Use your existing AMI License Number, no need to memorize yet another license number!
9. Amanda Fontaine offers you more variations, colors and layers per tube than just about anyone!

We could add many many more, but you get the idea. All the TOU are the same, use as you normally would. So, if you love Amanda's awesome variety and amazing talent, get your Fontaine Unlimited License today!

Changes In Ordering Customs & Gifts

Just a reminder that ordering customs, mini-customs, single tubes and gift certificates has changed. Please be sure to read the instructions on the page when ordering. Essentially, after making your order, Please forward your receipt, along with the following information to

New Package & Kit Releases!

Mixed Media:
Irina G Pack 9 Welcome Irina G!!
Mattt Poser Pack 5
Emma Salamanca Pack 9
Hannah Disney Packs 3 & 4

Scrap Kits:
Monti Kit 14 Adorable Safari Theme!

KatNKDA Packs 16 - 21 Commercial & Personal Use Available!!

See all AMI Tube/Photography packages
Scrap Kits

AMI Economic Relief Sale!!!!

If you are like most of us out there, then you are feeling the pinch of the economic down slide right now. AMI understands and wants to help! We are having another Economic Relief Sale!! We have done this for our friends living down under, and again during the holidays for everyone. We feel it is time to do it once again! This is for a limited time, so be sure to take advantage of the lowest prices we ever mark regular packages, scraps and elements down too. OH and guess what... Customs, Mini-Customs, some elements, even SINGLES and certain select Commercial Use Elements will be included this time!

With sale prices up to a whopping 40% off, you have to jump at the chance to get some awesome tubes! We are the only company that continues to offer our customers such great discounts. This is just our little way of showing everyone that we do appreciate each and every one of our friends and customers, and we want everyone to be able to enjoy the art that they love so much, at reasonable prices. If these special sales stay successful, we will keep offering them periodically. So, for this very limited time you need to go to buy all your favorite packages, tubes, kits, or elements and save a ton!!

Regular tube packages are marked down to $8.50!
Photography & 3D/Poser Packs are down between $5.00 - $7.00!
6-Packs are marked down to $5.00!
Custom Packages are only $10.50!
Mini Packs?....Only $4.25!!
Single Tubes are only $1.50 each!!!!
Personal Use Elements down to $2.00!!!
Some Commercial Use Elements down to $2.00 - $3.25!!!
Even our scrap kits up to 50% off (between $2.00 - $3.25)

This sale will end the morning of Sat. March 28th. 2009! So, be sure to visit AMI and grab your share of the superbly priced art goodies!

AMI March "Follower" Winner!

We put all the "Followers" in a bowl and drew out our first winner!

Drum rolls please........... what no drums?!..hehe

OK OK, the winning Follower this month isssss....


Congrats to you Olivia!

Now, please EMAIL US for your prizes!

We will draw again in April for another Follower winner!

AMI Featured Tutorial #3, Check it Out!

This weeks featured tutorial is a lovely Gothic inspired tutorial using filters and scraps. This tutorial can be easily used on so many different pieces of art, but works wonderfully with Rebeeca Sinz's work! Thanks Trish!

Please take some time to check out our featured tutorial! Share them with your groups and friends too!

Lovely Tag Trish!!

Want us to feature your tutorial using AMI artwork?
Check for details on how HERE

Last Day to enter the Tony Mauro Tag Contest!!!

Today is the last day!

Be sure you get your entery in before midnight EST! We have some awesome tags entered already. You can send your tags to

Take a look at the entries so far in the slide show at the bottom of this page :)

Check out the prize info and other details about the contest HERE

AMI's Featured Tutorial #2, Check it Out!

This weeks featured tutorial is a great learning tutorial using filters and patterns. Nice for those still living in the cold this time of year! Thanks Guki!
Please take some time to check out our featured tutorial! Share them with your groups and friends too!
Awesome results Guki!!
Want us to feature your tutorial using AMI artwork?
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Tony Mauro Tag Contest!

Its time for a new tag contest!! AMI & Artist Tony Mauro want to invite you to enter our Tony Mauro tag contest!

The rules are simple, create a tag using AMI Tony Mauro artwork (that you are licensed for of course) and submit the tag to Seeeee, super easy right?! PS. You may submit up to two tags.

Now, we will accept entries until March 22, 2009. Then Mr. Mauro will judge the tags and pick his favorite three!

Prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Place: 1 Free AMI Tube Package of Choice, 1 free AMI Mini Custom Package of choice ANDDD a 2009 signed Tony Mauro Calendar!!!
  • 2nd Place: 1 Free AMI Tube Package of choice & 1 free scrap kit of choice!
  • 3rd Place: 1 free AMI Mini Custom Package of choice!

So remember, you must use Tony Mauro's AMI artwork that you are licensed for, and the tag must follow AMI Terms of Use. If you don't have any of Tony Mauro's AMI license tube, now is a great time to get some! They are available for singles & customs too!

Send in yours today!

Tutorial Writers LOOK HERE!

Have you got an awesome tutorial featuring AMI artist work? Then you should submit your site & tutorial to AMI for our upcoming featured Tutorial of the Week! The four tutorial's feautred in a month will go into a raffle for free tube packages and other goodies! It's a win win, you get promoted by AMI to all our customers, you get a 1 in 4 chance to win freebies and you could get goodies to write more tuts with! Submit a URL to your site and the name of the tutorial you would like to submit to Please be sure your tags are following TOU and the artist must be a Current AMI listed artist. All tutorials sent will be stored and featured, so if yours isn't featured right off, it will be eventually!

BlogSpot "Follower" Promotion!

Want Freebies & Stuff?? We will be giving away an awesome prize package to a lucky BlogSpot Follower!! Be sure you are listed as a "Follower" so you can be entered to win this package full of free tubes, scraps and even some artist merchandise!
So hurry on over and sign up as a Follower today!

AMI Featured Tutorial!

Check out this awesome tutorial written by Saskia from Graphics Funhouse!
It is a learning tutorial, teaching great animation skills!
Beautiful results Saskia!!

AMI's Newest Artists:

AMI would like to welcome three new artist`s to AMI! We are thrilled to welcome artists Hannah Disney, Karina Dale, and Irina G to AMI. Hannah joins us today with her first two packages (you will fall in love at first sight with her adorable artwork, so don't say I didn`t warn you!) Release dates for Karina and Irina are TBA. Welcome ladies!

AMI New Releases!

March 8th, 2009:
Hannah Disney - Packs 1 & 2 Katerina Koutkiotis - Pack 5
Monti - Scrap Kit 13 Josephine Tan - Single Tube 25
Bessie Ho - Pack 33 KatNKDA - Scrap Kits 57 - 59

March Featured Artists & Promos!

AMI March Featured Artists:

BlackCat Scraps
This month's featured promo is "St.Patricks Day". All relevent packages are 25% off all month long. This includes packages from Amanda Fontaine, Bessie Ho, Emma Salamanca, and Josephine Tan.


February 21st, 2009:
Rebecca Sinz - Pack 8

Monti - Scrap Kit 12
Countess Halena - Pack 2

February 15th, 2009:
Amanda Fontaine - Single Tubes 148, 149 & 150

Scraps By Lysa - Kit 8
Jennifer Nilsson - Pack 13

Kat NKDA - Elements 16 - 21

AMI Tag Showcase!