Amanda Fontaine UNLIMITED License!

Amanda Fontaine UNLIMITED License!
Jump at this chance to obtain an UNLIMITED Amanda Fontaine License! As of today, Amanda has over 424 tubes released!

First, lets go over the cost's, then I will tell you all the Pro's to this opportunity!
A regular Unlimited license: $125.00
If you own 1 - 5 AMI Fontaine packages: $105.00
If you own 6 - 10 AMI Fontaine packages: $85.00
If you own 11 or more AMI Fontaine packages: $65.00
Scrap kits, single tube orders, mixed-artist customs, mini-custom packages and elements do not count above as packages owned. Licenses/Packages sold previous to Amanda Fontaine joining AMI do not count as well.

Now, the Pro's to owning an Amanda Fontaine Unlimited License:
1. If you purchase an Unlimited Fontaine License you will receive access to all of her previously released package PLUS access to all of her future releases!
2. Understanding the state of the economy, we are incorperating discounts for those that already have some packages. To save you money, and not pay for something you already have!
3. There will be no waiting period either! You can download as soon as they are released!
4. No matter what "type" of art is contained in a package, you will gain immediate access!
5. To make this deal even better, you will receive exclusive goodies like IM Stationary, Scrap Kits, Tubes and More!
6. For making things easier for you the Unlimited License Holder, we will automatically send you Amanda's latest releases the day they are released!
7. No extra forums or groups you have to remember to check in on!
8. Use your existing AMI License Number, no need to memorize yet another license number!
9. Amanda Fontaine offers you more variations, colors and layers per tube than just about anyone!

We could add many many more, but you get the idea. All the TOU are the same, use as you normally would. So, if you love Amanda's awesome variety and amazing talent, get your Fontaine Unlimited License today!

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