New Contest!! Blinkie Banner Makers Look Here!

We need blinkie "banners" for the AMI Blog. So, why not make it a kind of contest!?

If you make them, send us one and you will get a $10.00 gift certificate to use as you wish. Not to mention we will let everyone know who made them and where to find you!

The gift certificate will be open to top 3 blinkie banners we receive. All other entries will receive something for their time as well!

Please only make them in 150x50 size. Look forward to seeing those great blinkies!

This contest will run approx. 2 weeks.

You are welcome to make a banner without AMI art, using just scraps and elements. Please do not use other artist outside of AMI though if you do use artwork.

Remember, our layout here at the blog changes twice a month, so the colors will be ever changing. This leaves the themes and color completely open for you to create with :)

Please send your finished blinkie banners to


  1. how long does this contest run for?

  2. Hi!!
    I'm new here and my english is not good, soory.
    I'm interesting to participate in this contest but I have a question: I have to use some AMI artist on the banner or I can make without it.
    (only letters )
    Thank you very much

  3. This contest will run approx. 2 weeks, I will edit the posting and add that part.

    Andrea, you don't "have" to use AMI art. It is hard to get them in the little box and have credit added.



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