Rac Tube Prices Explained!

I wanted to take a moment to explain some of the pricing differences in Ismael Rac's tubes.

$2.00 tubes are the customizable tubes that come with approx. 50 - 80 layers. These tubes are unique to the tubing world and therefore a tiny bit higher in price.

$1.95 tubes are multiple layered tubes with 6 to 10 layers. These layers consist of different hair colors, clothing choices and other changes. These are specifically made to give PSP'ers more options. There are a bit more work, therefore a tiny bit more in price.

$1.85 tubes are the standard pricing for single tube layer and a close up tube layer.

These prices are the express wishes of the artists himself and are really quite reasonable considering the work put into each piece of art. Thanks!

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  1. These tubes are so awesome!! The $2.00 ones are like 100's of tubes in one!! The combinations are never ending!! THANK YOU RAC and AMI!!!!


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