Introducing... Customizable Tubes!

Introducing... Customizable Tubes!

AMI is the first in the digital image licensing business to offer you this exciting and ultra creative way to play with your tubes! Ismael Rac is the first artist to offer this much versatility and options in the form of tubes!

Here are a few facts about the New Customizable Tubes:
1. Each of these special tubes comes with approx. 50 plus tubes! Right now we offer one that boasts 74 customizable layers!!
2. Within these layers you have a wealth of layers that allow you to customize your tube to fit your exact wants and needs. You can even use the same tube over and over again without using the same combination of layers!
3. The layers include a variety of layers and options like: Hair color/styles, Clothing, Accessories and even skin tones!

Never before have there been artwork tubes that give YOU the PSP the power to make the tube just perfect for YOU! Customizable tubes will be labelled specifically on the image previews.

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