Ismael Rac Tube License Exchange Program

Mr. Rac and AMI has agreed upon an exchange program for his customers. AMI will exchange your licenses for tubes we have released on the AMI site. We cannot do an exchange for any tube licenses you may have if you do not see the tube on our site. Please note that we will be releasing more of Ismael Rac's work in the near future.

There will be an AMI processing fee for exchanges. This fee is for AMI staff processing and labor.

Those fee's are as follows:

$1.00 per 6 tube licenses exchanged.

If you have less than 6 to exchange, then it is free for you ONE TIME ONLY.

You can order your exchanges & get more details HERE

Exchanges are an one time instance. You cannot exchange 4 tube licenses, and come back tomorrow and exchange 4 tube licenses, etc avoiding the fee's. If you do this, you will not be given an exchange.

We ask that you please gather all your receipts and do your exchanges at one time. If you wish to exchange with tubes we release at a later date, then you may do so again for those when they are released.

Thank you for understanding the great amount of time and work that goes into accurately verifying and recording your exchanged tube licenses. We want to make sure you get the proper credit for the licenses you have obtained. Again, thanks from all the AMI staff!

You can order your exchanges HERE

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