NEW Changes to Ordering Customs and Gift Certificates!

We have made changes to our Custom package and Gift Certificate ordering process. We have found a way to allow you to add these to you orders like before. So now, you do not have to make a separate order for each custom package, single tube or gift certificate you wish to buy!
Now, when you order one of the above you will get the email for immediate downloads like with all our other products. However, obviously you won't be getting an immediate download. Instead, you are given instructions to forward you receipt to us at
The actual process is the same, you still have to email us with your ordering information (such as tubes wanted or gift recipient info). We just changed it so that you can add multiple customs or gift certificates AND you can add customs and/or gift certificates to your regular package/kit orders.
You can find these new options here:

1 comment:

  1. woohooo thanks AMI. I, for one, am Happy that you changed this feature. Thanks so much for making it easier on us.


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