Due to recent concerns over a TOU regarding credit on our licensed scrap kits being used with CILM licensed tubes/photos, AMI will be making the following revision to our terms of usage as follows (changes marked in red):

3. If you are using in tags, web sets, with other license company artwork and/or other graphics you must credit the creator/artist of the Scrap kits as so: Scraps by "Creator Name". If you are using AMI Scraps with AMI licensed artwork, free to use art or without any artwork at all then your license number will be required. If a scrap creator does not require credits that will be added to their kits as extra TOU.

You are no longer required to add "AMI Scraps by "Creator Name", but simply "Scraps By ___".
We have spoken to CILM regarding the situation, and reached the above resolution to comply with both of our terms of use. CILM has graciously agreed that previous tags DO NOT need to be deleted and may be used, however, future tags made using AMI scrap kits should not contain our company initials.

We would like to thank CILM for their cooperation in this matter, and do sincerely hope that this does not cause any further confusion.

Thank you!

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