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This Month is going to be FULL of awesome deals, steals and Promotions!  We do hope you will be checking all the happenings on our Blog and in our newsletters!  If you haven't signed up for our newsletter you will miss out!  Be sure to sign up via the link on out site today!
As per customer's suggests we are running a new Promotion!
The Everyone Wins Promo!  Everyone that spends at least $10.00 between now and May 2nd at 11:59pm EST will qualify to win at the very least one free tube of their choice!  But, some will get even more!  Here is how it breaks down:

We have chosen order numbers already for the following winners:
10 orders will win 12 free tubes
15 orders will win 6 free tubes
10 orders will win 4 free tubes
20 orders will win 2 free tubes
and everyone that spends at least $10.00 will win 1 free tube!

Every $10.00 you spend gets you a free tube, for example you spend $40.00.  You automatically qualify for 4 free tubes!  Also, if you happen to be one of the lucky order numbers, then you could get a lot more!  So, everyone wins even if their order number isn't one of the winning numbers!  When ordering ($10.00 or more) please let us know which in your order the free tube you would like by using the comment option.  If you are now given that option in check out, then email with that choice.  Please allow up to 24 to 48 hours to receive your free tube.
Ismael Rac Bundled Packages are on Sale Now!  Sale Ends May 31st.

All Ismael Rac bundled packages are discounted an extra 25%!
There are 3 single tube bundles, 2 Single Tube Mega Bundles, 2 Tube pack Bundles, 1 Tube pack Mega Bundle and 2 Ultimate Bundle Packages to choose from!  The discounted price will be reflected on the site and already marked down for your check out, no codes to use.  Also, these count toward the Everyone Wins promo!
Custom Orders on Sale for the month of May!Our 12 Tube and 4 Tube Custom Orders are on sale all month long!


  1. L:ooking forward to the winner announcements!! Woot!!

  2. Winners have been emailed! Since I have only their order info to go on I will not be posting that info, sorry. But, the emails are sent! Congrats winners!


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