LOADS of CU Scripts & Templates! Plus PU Kits Released!

3 P's in a Pod PSP Script - Double Heart with Wings, Single Heart with Wings
Bits n Bobs PSP Scripts - Chocolate Cherry, Teddy, Valentine's Tag & Sinner/Saint Frame
Bits n Bobs Layered Templates - Chocolate Cherry, Teddy, Valentine's Tag
Juicy Bits Scrap Kits - Kiss n Tell, Myst, Elle, Feral Kitty, Juicy, Kitty & Love Notes
Juicy Bits PSP Scripts/Templates - Daisy Dukes, Heart Balloons, Honey Bee & Teddy Bear
3 P's in a Pod Scrap Kits - Sweetheart and From the Heart

More to come soon!!
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Scrap Kits

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