Introducing Racwards!

It is a simple way for Mr. Rac to say thank you for being a loyal fan!

Starting today (Sept. 22) we will begin Racwards.

All you have to do is earn 10 Racwards points and you earn a free Ismael Rac tube of choice!

How to earn Racwards:

1. Each time you purchase an Ismael Rac item you earn Racwards points.
  • Single Tube (any single Rac tube) you earn 1 Racwards Point.
  • 4 Tube Mini-Custom Orders you earn 2 Racwards Points
  • 12 pack (regular or custom) you earn 4 Racwards Points
  • 6-packs you earn 3 Racwards Points

This program is not retroactive. You can only claim Racward Points with purchases starting Sept. 22, 2009.

When you hit 10 Racwards points, you email into with the following information:
  1. Your name, email address and receipt numbers that are included in your 10 Racwards points. (be sure to mention if purchased under another name or email address) Your receipt numbers are located on the top right hand corner of the download page after purchase or in your email.
  2. Your choice of Rac Tube you would like to redeem your Racwards points for.
PLEASE NOTE: Please only collect up to 20 Racwards Points before emailing in to redeem. You will only be allowed to redeem up to 2 free tubes at a time. The rest will have to wait until a later date to be processed and filled. So, it is best to only go as far as 10 to 20 Racwards Points at a time please!

Gifts: If you received a gift/certificate and redeemed for Ismael Rac tubes, you cannot claim Racwards points on those items. Purchased gift certificates are also not available for Racwards points.

When you claim your free tube, you start earning all over again. So, if you have earned 10 points and redeemed a free tube, and you have earned yet another 10 points, you get another free tube! So on and So on.

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